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Decision Information Systems for Citrus

An Artificial Intelligence Expert System for the Florida Citrus Industry

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IFAS DISC Working Group

The University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences

DISC -- An exciting new tool for Florida Citrus Growers and Production Managers is being developed. A cooperative effort to be coordinated by The University of Florida's Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences -- IFAS -- between the Agricultural and Biological Engineering Department, the Citrus Research & Education Center in Lake Alfred, FL, the Southwest Florida Research & Education Center in Immokalee, FL, the Indian River Research & Education Center in Ft. Pierce, FL, and the Horticultural Sciences Department, plus Industry experts, growers, production managers, crop consultants and Extension Agents, is developing a user friendly information system for making decisions.

How would you like to design a virtual grove and do a "what if" routine before you planted? It could be possible to plug in your soil type, scion and rootstock, planting distances, geographic location, your production costs, and more, into a model that taps into several databases , including one on citrus economics with predicted future prices and crop volumes, located on a Web Server or a CD-ROM. It could predict what the possible profits or loss would be at the time of maturation of the grove.

Or, run models which included automated weather inputs to find out if you need to control pests, irrigate, or any number of other activities. The models would use the LATEST information and tools.

Modules or stand alone components could be made available for downloading from the INTERNET, such as this prototype program from the Agricultural and Biological Engineering Department called CPG - Citrus Pathogen Guide Software for Windows - (preliminary copy - see disclaimer), or would be available for purchase or on a subscription fee basis.

A comprehensive INFORMATION SYSTEM for Florida Citrus already exists as The Florida Agricultural Information Retrival System, FAIRS. A diagnostic guide for citrus diseases is also being developed. By putting all of these integrated modules under one umbrella concept -- DISC -- growers can have input on what modules the system should include and the priorities for the timing of the development of different modules. During such a process, data gaps will be found that might direct where emphasis should be placed on future research.

What needs to be done for this to happen?

First of all, we need the support of the end users of this product, the Florida Citrus Growers and Production Managers. A unified effort must be promoted between all groups and interests. The plans are to include growers and other industry people every step of the way. DISC is specifically intended to make OUR INDUSTRY more competitive in the future!!!

For you advanced growers who are already online, show your fellow growers what can be found on the INTERNET. Encourage them to get online and use the Information Highway as a resource of information. You already know it's value, we need to share this with more Florida Citrus Growers and Production Managers.

Please visit the DISC Link Page for more references.

Development of Decision Information Systems for Florida Citrus, FCPRAC Project No. 971-55 - the 1998 Progress Report

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Decision Information Systems for Florida Citrus: Phase II - the FCPRAC Project Preproposal FY 1999-2000 Grant Program

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Contact: disc@ultimatecitrus.com

For more information on DISC, contact one or more of the following people on the DISC WORKING GROUP PLANNING COMMITTEE:

Chairman -- Peter Spyke, Arapaho Citrus Management, Inc.

Chet Townsend, Ultimatecitrus.com

Norman Todd, Consultant

Dr. J. David Martsolf, Horticulture Sciences Department

Dr. Jim Ferguson, Horticultural Sciences Department

Dr. Gene Albrigo, Citrus Research and Education Center - Lake Alfred

Dr. William Castle, Citrus Research and Education Center

Dr. Robert Peart, Agriculture and Biological Engineering Department

Dr. John Schueller, Mechanical Engineering Department

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