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My name is Chet Townsend. I live near LaBelle, FL and work in the Florida Citrus Industry and am an Irrigation Agronomist working with AquaSpy Inc. I am the webmaster and owner of UltimateCitrus.com. I have been involved with producing, harvesting, selling, and promoting the best 100% Pure Florida Orange Juice for over 32 years . . . . .

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Florida Citrus

Learn more about the Florida Citrus Industry at my world famous citrus page,
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The Story of Florida Orange Juice - From the Grove to Your Glass - This web page describes, with pictures, how Florida oranges are harvested and processed into 100% pure Florida orange juice.

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Did you know that the use of Crop Protection Chemicals in American Agriculture is actually Environmentally Friendly?

- With the world population growing exponentially, the only way the Farmer will be able to feed the world is with the use of good crop protection chemicals. With insecticides, herbicides, and fungicides, the American Farmer is the most land efficient farmer in the world. Farmers can grow three to four times as much safe food on an acre of land as he could just 75 years ago. If the Farmer were to lose all of our crop protection chemicals, the world would have to increase the amount of land farmed by four times. That means clearing up more land, including wetlands and rain forests. With ever growing populations to feed, we must continue to farm effeciently to produce an abundant amount of safe food for everyone.

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"Drink more Florida Orange Juice, Eat More Grapefruit and keep our World healthy and strong!"

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