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Citrus Growing in FloridaCitrus Growing in Florida, 5th Edition - by F S Davies and L K Jackson - Hardcover (2009) 5th Edition, 310 pages, plus 16 pages with 32 color photos - This concise, comprehensive guide combines the practical aspects of day-to-day citrus production with its underlying horticultural principles in a clear, easy-to-read style. Citrus Growing in Florida makes citrus cultivation accessible to commercial growers, students, and home gardeners. The book covers planting, production, grove management, fertilization, spraying, and harvesting. For students of horticulture, it discusses the history of the crop, its varieties, propagation, and areas of production. For the homeowner, it provides practical advice on growing everything from tart lemons and tangy limes to the sweet oranges and thick juicy grapefruit that define the flavor of Florida. Changes in the Florida citrus industry since publication of the forth edition in 1999 make this revised work indispensable. Expanded and updated, this edition addresses new regulations, invasions from exotic insects and diseases, and increasing foreign competition. The appendix provides detailed information on citrus costs of production in various areas of the state. New chapters deal with global production, methods of marketing and selling fruit, and the importance of fruit quality for success in local and worldwide markets. -- The Ultimatecitrus.com rating on this book is:
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Pathogens Infecting Insects and Mites of Citrus is a pictorial guide to the entomopathogens of phytophagous insects and mites found on all plant parts of a citrus tree whether they are grown as a vast monoculture using contemporary high technological methods or as a few scattered trees grown on a hill side or in a homeowners backyard. It includes illustrations of healthy citrus insects and mites and their feeding injury. Although emphasis is on Florida, citrus growers and other interested people will find the images helpful in identifying arthropods and their diseases.

The purpose of this book is to present a comprehensive overview of the pathogens that cause disease of the various citrus arthropods, emphasizing: 1) visual recognition of a diseased host based on gross pathology, 2) identification via diagnostic characters of the pathogen, 3) visual recognition of healthy citrus pests and alternative ornamental hosts, and 4) direct injury to the plant and 4) direct injury to the plant.

The six authors are recognized worldwide as the leaders in this field. If you are an insect or mite with a pathogenic disease, you should go to one of these specialists for proper diagnosis of the problem.

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Citrus Fruit: Biology, Technology and Evaluation, 2008, 558 pages, 34 color photos. M Ladaniya.

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Citrus Genetics, Breeding and Biotechnology, I. Khan, editor, 2008, 370 pages, 36 color photos

33 top researchers and practitioners contributed to this book. This multi-authored book provides a comprehensive review of citrus breeding, including relevant genetics, molecular biology and biotechnology.

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Citrus: A History, 2007, 252 pp, 20 color plates, Pierre Laszlo. $25.00.

Nearly 100 million tons of citrus are produced globally every year, and in Florida alone, citriculture is a 9 billion dollar industry. But where did these fruits first come from? How did they find their way into the Western world? And how did they become both a culinary and cultural phenomenon?

Pierre Laszlo here traces the spectacular rise and spread of citrus across the globe: from Southeast Asia in 4000 BC through North Africa and the Roman Empire to early modern Spain and Portugal, whose explorers introduced the fruits to the Americas during the 1500s. Citrus ransacks over two millennia of world history, exploring the numerous roles that citrus has played in agriculture, horticulture, cooking, nutrition, religion, and arts from the Jewish feast of the Tabernacles through the gardens and courts of Versailles to the canvasses of Vincent van Gogh to the orange groves of southern California and the juicing industry of today.

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FRESH CITRUS FRUITS, Second Edition - Edited by Wilfred F. Wardowski, William M. Miller, David J. Hall and William Grierson, September 2006, hardcover; ISBN 0-944961-08-8

The Second Edition of Fresh Citrus Fruits is much updated from the 20 year old First Edition. Fresh Citrus Fruits includes 26 color plates. Food Safety Program and Organic Fresh Fruit are new chapters. Most of the previous chapters have been extensively revised.
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FLORIDA CITRUS 2004-2005 HURRICANES - By Dr. John A. Attaway Ph.D. November 2006, hardcover 128 pages, ISBN 0-944961-09-6

Florida Citrus 2004/05 Hurricanes is Dr. John Attaway's third book in a series on environmental issues facing Florida agriculture, and is the second book devoted to the impacts of hurricanes. It is a continuation of his Hurricanes and Florida Agriculture.
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The Orange Book, 2nd Edition, October 2004, 208 pages, color charts and tables with a focus on juice processing, Tetra Pak Processing Systems AB Lund, Sweden. $110.00. FOR USA DELIVERY ADD $10.00. INQUIRE ABOUT AIR MAIL CHARGE FOR OVERSEAS DELIVERY.

1. The orange fruit and its products.
2. Orange juice quality and categories.
3. The supply chain and global consumption of orange juice.
4. Principles of processing orange juice.
5. Fruit processing.
6. Transport and handling of bulk products.
7. Processing at the juice packer.
8. Add-back components - volatile flavours and floating pulp
9. Packaging and storage of orange juice.
10. From juice packer to consumer
11. Standards and regulations.
12. Glossary.
13. Abbreviations, weights and measures.
14. Further reading and references.

The first edition of The Orange Book was a paperback published in 1997. Before going out-of-print, it was a valuable reference to citrus processors, their customers and students. The publisher, Tetra Pak Processing Systems responded to reader requests by making the Second Edition a more durable hard cover. The Orange Book covers the complete journey of orange juice from the fruit to final consumer. It also provides updated information about orange juice, such as changes in juice legislation, developments in processing and packaging, as well as new consumption trends.


Citrus books in Spanish:

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Citrus Varieties of the WorldCitrus Varieties of the World - Second Edition, 2000, Hardcover, 160 pp, color, by James Saunt. $60.00. Contains information on 235 individual citrus varieties, including sweet oranges for both fresh and processing market, mandarins, grapefruit, pummelos, lemons, limes, citrons, kumquats and limequats. Details of 55 new or increasingly important varieties have been added to the 180 featured in the first edition. Provides updated worldwide production, utilization and consumption statistics. Defines the seasons and growing regions and fruit characteristics, especially those related to fresh fruit. (Only for North, Central and South America delivery.)

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Hurricanes and Florida Agriculture Hurricanes and Florida Agriculture, 1999, Hardcover, 444 PP, by John A. Attaway, PhD. $60.00. Provides a narrative history of the impact of hurricanes and tropical storms on Florida citrus, subtropical fruits, vegetables, cotton, cattle and other agriculture from colonial times to the present. To provide a backdrop, the story begins with the destructive storms which struck the colonists, beginning with Christopher Columbus in the Caribbean and the early settlements around St. Augustine, Tampa Bay and Pensacola. The evolution of hurricane forecasting from the earliest efforts to today's tropical Predictions Center is also described. Storm details and quotes from Florida growers and ranchers are included. The book also contains the rainfall data for the hurricanes and tropical storms as well as wind speeds and durations.

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Handbook of Citrus By-Products and Processing Technology Handbook of Citrus By-Products and Processing Technology - by  Robert J. Braddock - Hardcover (1999), 247 pages - This book brings together all the scattered information on citrus by-products -- including data, research, and technological developments. It emphasizes the manufacturing and utilization of citrus by-products from raw material residues of juice extraction and recovery. Other recent citrus books have only small amounts of information about by-products, concentrating instead on juice processing.
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Citrus Processing, A Complete Guide, 2nd EditionCitrus Processing, A Complete Guide, 2nd Edition - D. A. Kimball. (1999) 450 pages plus 16 color photos. The second edition of this reference has an expanded scope.It includes a review of corporate and business fundamentals applied to citrus processing. Also included are the integration of computer communications, need engineering and equipment, quality control, quality procedures and juice characteristics.

The Contents: Introduction, Description of Citrus Juice, Citrus Processing Management, Processing Methods, Equipment and Engineering, Quality Control, Analysis of Brix, Soluble Solids, Acids, Oils & Pulp, Analysis of Other Juice Characteristics, Analysis of the Microbiology of Citrus Juices, Analyses of Processing Contamination, Analysis of Adulteration, Secondary Natural Characteristics of Citrus Juices, Citrus Microbiology and Nutritional Content.

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Florida Citrus Diagnostic Guide Florida Citrus Diagnostic Guide - by Harold W. Browning, Robert J. McGovern, Larry K. Jackson, David V. Calvert, and Wilfred F. Wardowski  - Hardcover (1995) -- A comprehensive identification reference of Florida citrus insects, mites, diseases, horticultural problems, and nutritional disorders. The text includes cultural practices which help avoid or control the problems. A total of 123 subjects are discussed and illustrated with 239 color photographs.  -- The Ultimatecitrus.com rating on this book is:

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Florida Citrus Diagnostic Guide CD. ISBN 0-944961-07-X, 239 color JPEG photos. $50.00.
This CD-ROM contains the 239 color photographs found in the 224 page book (ISBN 0-944961-01-0) published in 1995 by Florida Science Source. The authors are Harold W. Browning, Robert J. McGovern, Larry K. Jackson, David V. Calvert and Wilfred F. Wardowski. The numbers of the photographs correspond to the Figure numbers in the book. The book also includes descriptive text for each Figure and a very useful table of contents.

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Citrus : Complete Guide to Selecting & Growing More Than 100 Varieties for California, Arizona, Texas, the Gulf Coast and Florida - by Lance Walheim, Michael Landis (Photographer), Scott Millard (Photographer), Don Fox - (1996)

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Citrus Crop Production Science in Horticulture, 1994, 254 pp paperback, F Davies & L G Albrigo. Price: $60.00. Order Form

Citrus Diseases and Defects Found in the Marketplace, 1987, 72 pp, color paperback, 4 languages in each book. English German French and Spanish describes each disease and each defect. There are 14 diseases with 33 photos, plus 47 defects with 110 photos. The author, John A Offers, is a respected citrus surveyor in Europe. Price: $40.00. Order Form

Citrus: The Genus Citrus, 2003, 504 pp, G Dugo, A Di Giacomo, editors. $150.00 This book offers comprehensive coverage on all aspects of the botany, cultivation, processing industry, chemistry and uses of Citrus and its oils. Anyone involved in food sciences, pharmaceutical sciences, cosmetics, pharmacy and plant sciences will no doubt find this volume to be of great value and interest. Price: $150.00. Order Form

Citrus Health ManagementCitrus Health Management - L W TImmer & L W Duncan, Editors - (1999) - 223 pp paperback, 64 color plates - Designed to aid in developing a successful plant health program, with special emphasis on current Integrated Pest Management practices. Management practices cover not only the interrelationship between plant, pathogen and the environment, but also describe several economic and environmental issues related to citrus health. This combination creates a holistic treatment of citrus health management. Following the detailed management methods explained in Citrus Health Management will help produce healthy and profitable citrus crops.

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Compendium of Citrus Diseases, Second EditionCompendium of Citrus Diseases, Second Edition - 2000; 8½" x 11" softcover; 128 pages; 207 color illustrations; 31 black and white illustrations, Edited by L.W. Timmer, S.M. Garnsey, and J.H. Graham. $55.00. covers the extensive progress made in citrus disease studies since the publication of the first popular edition 12 years ago. This modern edition contains newly discovered strains of citrus diseases, expanded details on many pathogens, and important classification revisions of citrus pathogens. All sections have been updated to make Compendium of Citrus Diseases, 2nd Edition a complete reference on citrus diseases. The guide to identification of diseases has been revised for easier field diagnosis of the causal agents of a disease symptom. Disease diagnosis is strengthened with 207 color photographs, many of them new or improved. An extensive glossary make this color guide book an easy-to-use reference for anyone interested in citrus health.

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Defectos y Alteraciones de los Frutos Citricos en su Comercializacion, 1988, 153 pp, color paperback, S R Amat. Spanish only. $40.00. Exclusive distributor for the Americas. Price: $40.00 Order Form

The Grapefruit: Its Composition, Physiology and Products, 1972, 660 pp, W B Sinclair. Price: $25.00. Order Form

Oranges - by John A. McPhee - (1966)

Oranges"McPhee chronicles orange farmers struggling with frost and horticulturists' new breeds of citrus, oranges come to seem a microcosm of man's relationship with nature." This classic was first published in the New Yorker Magazine. -- The Ultimatecitrus.com rating on this book is:

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Quality Control Manual for Citrus Processing Plants , J B Redd, C M Hendrix and D L Hendrix.
Volume I, 1986, 250 pp. $58.00.
Volume II, 1992, 357 pp. $68.00.
Volume III, 1996, 335 pp. $78.00.
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Citrus Industry Citrus Industry : Crop Protection (Vol. 4) Diseases and Injuries; Viruses; Registration, Certification, Indexing; regulatory Measures; Vertebrate Pests; Biological Control of Insects; Nematodes - by Walter Reuther - (1978)

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E-Commerce in Agribusiness, 2005 Edited by Troy G. Schmitz, Arizona State Univ., Charles B. Moss, Univ. of Florida, Andrew Schmitz, Univ. of Florida, Albert Kagan, Arizona State Univ., and Bruce Babcock, Iowa State Univ. The 18 chapters presented in this volume analyze a variety of factors influencing the successes and failures of agricultural E-commerce. Many of the chapters develop theoretical models of innovation based on Schumpeterian competition and on the New Institutional Economics.

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Transitions in the Mexican Sugar Industry: an Analysis of the Production and Marketing Systems, 2004, 106 pages, paperback, L R Garcia-Chavez, G Greene, T H Spreen, D Sano and C O Andrew. $35.00.

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Oranges in Eastern MexicoOranges in Eastern Mexico : An Economic Analysis of Production and Marketing Channels - by J P Mondragon (Editor), Thomas H. Spreen, Chris O. Andrew, R P Muraro - Softcover (1998) -
This book does a very good job of describing the orange industry as a whole in Eastern Mexico. It also includes a chapter on citrus processing.

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Persian Limes in North America Persian Limes in North America: An Economic Analysis of Production and Marketing Channels - by Michel Roy, C O Andrew, T H Spreen  - Softcover (1996) -- Provides an overview of the production and marketing systems in the United States and Mexico. Research findings concentrate on cultural practices and costs at the production level in each of the major producing regions -- Dade County, Florida and Martinez de la Torre, Veracruz. The estimated cost of packing is also included for packers in the Martinez de la Torre region. Fourteen figures and twenty-four tables help the reader understand the information in the text.  -- The Ultimatecitrus.com rating on this book is:

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