Pineapple Orange

Type and parentage: Sweet Orange
Average diameter (inches): 2 3/4 - 3
Seeds per fruit: 15-25
Commercial harvest season: December - February

Pineapple orange has been the leading midseason variety with good external color and internal quality. Its juice color will stand without blending. Long term yields may be lower than those for Hamlin and Valencia. The tree is the least cold hardy of the orange varieties. It is subject to alternate bearing and during seasons of heavy crops is very susceptible to freezes. Pineapple is also susceptible to citrus blight, showing rapid collapse particularly under stress of a heavy crop. It is very susepttible to preharvest fruit drop during heavy crop years, a condition, which may be alleviated with 2,4-D sprays. The peel is subjuct to creasing and to another stress-related condition known as Pineapple 'pitting'. While it produces an excellent quality juice favored by processors, the variety is no longer widely planted for many of the above mentioned reasons.

Selections available at the Immokalee Foundation:

Pi-1-27-11-X-E: This is a Ward Nursery selection from Avon Park in Highlands County. 1-27-11 has good yields, vigorous growth, typical pineapple fruit, juice color, seedy, average to small size fruit. The brix:acid is typical of the pineapple group as is the tendency towards alternate bearing.

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